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Ariel - Necklace


Size of Necklace:
Adult: 45 cm
Adult: 52 cm

Kids 0-3 y: 32 cm
Kids 4-10 y: 38 cm

Beads of beautiful light blue Aquamarine, milky coloured clasp

Ariel is made in a collab between Nirrimis and lovely Karen Ziefeldt.

Safety Clasp
Our necklaces comes with a safety "pop up" clasp, which will pop and open when exposed for tension, meaning that if the necklace were to get caught on something, the clasp will open and the necklace will fall off, but without breaking. 

Please note:

- Every bead is individually knotted for extra safety.

- Our necklaces and bracelets are not toys and should not be chewed or sucked on. 

- Always supervise children that are wearing our items

- Remove jewellery when your child is unsupervised or sleeping.

- Use in water may cause the string to be weakened over time, so please remove when showering. 

Return & Exchange

We offer 30 days of full return or exchange on all items that have not been worn.

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