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Transition - Bracelet


18 cm (on elastic)

Beautiful Red Carnelian combined with Light Blue Aquamarine & Freshwater Pearls

Amber & Gemstones
Our lab tested and ethical sourced Baltic Amber and Gemstone Jewelry are handmade with passion and could vary a bit in both size and color tones.

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Transition designed by Loui
When I as a new mom was asked if I wanted to design a piece of jewelry for Nirrimis I knew right away what my intentions and the message were to be.

A tribute to all the transitions we as human beings experience in life.

Amid matrescence and my own overwhelming transition into motherhood - from pregnant, giving birth to becoming a mother and from life in womb to life right now in my hands I created “Transition”. With “Transitions” I want to honour all the life transitions that are given us - from conception till the day we take our final breaths.

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” came to my mind when I picked out stones for the design and I ended up using Carnelian, Aquamarine & Freshwater Pearls. These stones is an aesthetic tribute to love, effort doubt and loss, all the feelings.

With love Loui